One Little Indian – 2001 – 55 minutes

It's been quite a year for Bjork, 'laying' a swan's egg at the Oscars, receiving France's Order of Merit and now releasing 'Vespertine', arguably her best album to date. Recorded in Spain, Iceland and America, it finds Bjork loved up in the most natural way imaginable: electronics, choirs and surrender your heart lyrics combining to create the most beautiful goodnight kiss anyone will plant on you this year.

Across the 12 tracks, Bjork sounds more breathless than ever – she's currently dating American artist Matthew Barney – and the whole album moves with that romantic rush, sounding as if she's died and gone to orchestral heaven or recorded an album for the Warp label on Valentine's Day. And while sounding too ethereal for it's own good at first, 'Vespertine' eventually breaks down your defences, to make you as she sings herself on 'Undo' "quietly ecstatic". It's hard to see Bjork having any singles success with this album but no matter – for those willing to spend time, money and a whole lot more, 'Vespertine' is genius of the gentlest kind.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Hidden Place - Cocoon - It's Not Up to You - Undo - Pagan Poetry - Frosti - Aurora - An Echo, A Stain - Sun In My Mouth - Heirloom - Harm of Will - Unison