Blanco Y Negro – 2001 – 55 minutes

Appropriately named, both for the content of the songs and the feel that runs throughout the album, David Kitt's 'The Big Romance' is destined to be heard everywhere this summer. Many of the songs will be instantly familiar to everyone who has nodded and cheered at his live gigs over the last couple of years; the beat-driven 'You Know What I Want To Know', the summery soaring melodies of 'Step Outside In The Morning Light' and the tender observation of 'Whispers Return The Sun, Rest The Moon'.

This time round Kitt takes us outside the bedroom that played host to last year's 'Small Moments'. We walk down Hope Street in Brooklyn, NY with "each step a broken beat", amble by London Bridge "sleepy-eyed" on a Monday morning and sit on the "graffitied bench where lovers meet" ('Strange Light in the Evening'). Other people are invited in to add "ahs and dohs" as on 'What I Ask' which also comes complete with breathy backing vocals from fellow Dublin songstress Nina Hynes. But the intimacy that was so captivating about 'Small Moments' is still present on 'The Big Romance'. Kitt uses low but insistent beats, half-sung/half-whispered lyrics, repeated and layered phrases to seduce you into his world. At time it seems as if he is trying to capture light and all its changing natures - morning light, pale blue light, sunlight - by way of sound. It is this that makes him stand apart from the troupes of others who soldier under the title 'singer/songwriter' - the willingness to improvise, using sampling and electronica, the sounds of sax, clarinet and piano from co-conspirators Diarmuid MacDiarmada and Paul Smyth.

These are love songs to you - don't resist, step inside 'The Big Romance' and prepare to be swept off your feet.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: Song From Hope St. (Brooklyn, NY) - You Know What I Want To Know - Step Outside In The Morning Light - Private Dance - Pale Blue Light - What I Ask - Strange Light in the Evening - Whispers Return The Sun, Rest The Moon - You And The City - Into the Breeze