Mr Bongo Recordings – 2001 – 77 minutes

A live album from Terry Callier is a wonderful thing – but it's still just an album. Nothing can compare to seeing the man himself on stage, his guitar tucked high up on his chest as he strums, croons, caresses and charms the audience, moving effortlessly between soul and folk, r&b and jazz. Terry Callier recorded has never managed to come even close to capturing the magnificence of Terry Callier live.

Taking several tracks from 1973's 'What Colour is Love' (You're Gonna Miss Your Candy Man, What Colour is Love, Dancing Girl), and incorporating some of Callier's more political songs (Step Into The Light and Lament for the Late AD), 'Alive' finishes on the high note of Callier's comeback song – I Don't Wanna See Myself. It's a good taster - but it's still only a taster. For the real deal go see the man live.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: Ordinary Joe - Step into the Light - Lazarus Man - Lament for the Late AD - African Violet - You're Gonna Miss Your Candy Man - What Colour is Love - Dancing Girl - People Get Ready - I Don't Wanna See Myself