City Slang – 2001 – 40 minutes

The first time I ever came across the Experimental Pop Band was on a compilation called 'Pool Position' on the German uber-disco/house label, Bungalow. Some electronic hooligans by the name of Le Hammond Inferno seized EPB's Punk Rock Classic, tossed its chopped-up guitars, ridiculously dancey beats and cheesy keyboards in the air, and the resultant confetti was truly infectious. Pure disco-pop, with a dash of house.

The main protagonist behind this miscellany of tunes is Davey Woodward, but they bear no similarity to the Deutsch-kitsch of their Bungalow dalliance. Tales of drugs and sex draped over analogue loops and keyboards are shelved next to guitar-driven love songs. Fragments of Soft Cell are pasted together with an 80s sound that's not far off Lloyd Cole and the Commotions at worst, The Fall at best.

This album is a musical jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Genres are not so much tackled as played with for a minute or two, then dropped like a boring toy. The remaining hotchpotch of tunes is akin to a jumble sale 80s hits collection containing one or two affable tunes, hemmed in by unlistenable chaff.

Experimental? Vaguely. Pop? In a dated kind of way. Band? They should be. Great album title, though.

Sinead Gleeson

Tracklisting: Bang Bang you're dead – Emotion - Narcotic days - Hard enough – Remember – Somethingsaremoreimportantthanmusic - Satan's friends – I like it -All hang out - Casual sex - The bereaved – Alcudia - When the music ends