Sofia Coppola is wary of the power of celebrity culture, calling it a phenomenon that is now "out of control".

The Bling Ring director and daughter of Francis Ford Coppola told London's The Independent that celebrity culture and showbiz gossip is "some kind of guilty-pleasure thing that you look at once in a while", but also added "now it's become the dominating thing in our culture in America. It's out of control".

Coppola's recent film, The Bling Ring, traced the real-life story of a group of L.A. teenagers, some socialites, who targeted and burgled celebrity homes. Emma Watson starred as Alexis Neiers in the film, which debuted at Cannes last week.

"I just tried to make a movie that showed the experience of these kids and let the audience decide how they feel," Coppola said of the film.

Paris Hilton, one of the celebrities targeted by the teen gang, attended the recent premiere of the film and Coppola said she "really liked" the movie, adding: "she said that she got emotional when she saw them in her house because it brought back that time for her."