Rio 2 is a bright and enjoyable sequel to 2011’s fairly forgettable first outing which told the tale of a socially awkward rare blue macaw who sets off on the adventure of a lifetime with the free spirit bird of his dreams.

Rio 2 sees Blu (Eisenberg) now settled down in domestic bliss with Jewel (Hathaway) raising their kids in Rio de Janeiro. Health and safety conscious Blu is happy with his lot in life which see his kids playing on tablets, watching TV and eating pancakes. Jewel however craves the normal life of a bird and longs for adventure.

When Blu’s former owners discover the possibility of a large blue Macaw population deep in the Amazon forest Jewel thinks it’s time for a roadtrip which Blu very reluctantly agrees to complete with a sat nav and a bumbag. The adventure sees him encounter his former nemesis Nigel, who is bent on revenge, and come face-to-face with his highly critical father-in-law (Andy Garcia).

This offering comes between two of the biggest animated hits for years with Disney’s Frozen and Warner Bros’ The Lego Movie and is unlikely to make the same impact with children. It is definitely over-long at 101 minutes (the average seven-year-old can just about manage 90 mins in my experience) and they could have easily trimmed a musical number of two.

All that being said, it is colourful and cheerful, the voice talent is top notch with Kristin Chenoweth giving a great turn as an in-love poisonous frog.

This should go down a treat with the under tens during the upcoming Easter holidays. 

Bree Treacy