Turbo is a bright and breezy animated offering which combines the worlds of your everyday humble garden snail with international motor racing.

Turbo, voiced by Ryan Reynolds, is a frustrated garden snail with a passion for motor racing which has been fuelled (pun intended) by the convenience of there being an old television set in the local potting shed. His need for speed is not appreciated by his fellow snails with particular resistance coming from his Health & Safety-obsessed brother, Chet, voiced with some charm by Paul Giamatti.

Luckily for Turbo a freak chemical accident turns him into a bionic snail with super speed and finally he gets an opportunity to fulfil his lifetime ambition. Cast adrift from their community, Turbo and Chet encounter another pair of dysfunctional brothers with a stressful relationship in the shape of Tito and Angelo. They make tacos and their business is failing in a little visited shopping district.

Somehow the quest to save their business becomes tied up with Turbo’s new skills and an interesting group of snails and human set out to test Turbo’s speed at the Indy 500. The voice cast is strong here and also includes Samuel L Jackson, Michael Pena and Maya Rudolph.

If you can get over the slightly preposterous plot, which clearly the under tens in the audience had no problem doing, then there is plenty on offer here to keep the youngsters entertained. The boys attending with me definitely seemed keener on this one than the girls but it's a perfect way to pass a wet mid-term afternoon.

Bree Treacy

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