Ice Age is back with a fourth adventure for Manny the Mammoth (Romano), Diego the Lion (Leary) and silly Sid the Sloth (Leguizamo).

Some people may groan at the thought of yet another chapter - and perhaps they could be forgiven for thinking that there surely couldn’t be any more in store for these old favourites - but they will be in for a slight surprise.

Despite beginning in 2002, one thing is for sure: the Ice Age franchise hasn’t run out of steam just yet.

The film opens with Scrat chasing that ever-elusive nut around the earth's core. Children, put aside everything you have learnt in geography and erase Alfred Wegener’s work on the theory of continental drift from your minds, because the truth is out: Scrat single-handedly caused the world's continents to split – all over the love of a nut.

As the continents begin to split, Manny is separated from his family and he is sent on an adventure upon the high seas on a slab of ice. But he's not without his two friends Diego and Sid, of course. Oh, and you’re in for a treat, as Sid’s deranged granny (Sykes) joins them for the ride too.

But before Manny and co can get home, they must face the danger of the sea and fight it out with the pirate rogues that loom in its waters.

Staying true to Ice Age form, this movie tells a simple, fun, colourful and funny tale of Manny and his friends. Once again, it pushes home the importance of family, friendship and being true to yourself – a message that will be of benefit to any child, or adult.

Continental Drift progresses the Ice Age story, which helps the film to avoid becoming boring. There really is an effort made to move in a new direction and to put the characters through a new adventure.

The addition of new characters, particularly Captain Gut the villain pirate (voiced by a brilliant Peter Dinklage) and his crew of seafaring misfits, is a treat and really does give the film a feel of freshness. Diego even finds a potential mate in Shira (voiced by Lopez), a bad pirate-turned-good.

This is an amusing watch and it is certainly a child-pleaser. As always, it will also be enjoyable for an older audience.

Nicky O'Flanagan