Eleven years after their last feature film outing, The Muppets are back in town and here’s the good news: this isn’t some cash-in-and-sell-some-burger-meals type of deal. The Muppets is a cracking yarn written by a guy (Jason Segel) who understands the iconic power of these felt creatures and also appreciates the make-up of any prospective audience. In other words, the older brigade will get a nostalgic buzz from seeing Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie and co. back in action; the very young will just enjoy the colourful puppets, while the teens will relish the cameo appearances from the likes of Selena Gomez and Rico Rodriguez.

The plot of The Muppets has Jason Segel, his girlfriend, Amy Adams, and his Muppet brother, Walter, travelling to California to meet their puppet idols, only to discover that nasty Chris Cooper plans to drill for oil under the Muppet Theatre. In time-honoured Hollywood tradition, they decide the only way to save the Theatre is by putting on a show, which means reuniting all of the old Muppet gang.

Thanks to Segel’s passion for The Muppets and director James Bobin’s surreal comic eye (he’s one of the guys behind Flight of the Conchords), The Muppets is an absolute treat from start to finish. There’s plenty of good stuff from all our favourites including Piggy (who is now a Vogue editor) and Fozzie (who is working with tribute band, The Mooppets). Segel has fashioned a clever script that often breaks the fourth wall (a personal favourite running gag has Cooper admonishing his silent henchman with the cry "maniacal laughter"), and he has filled the screen with cameo appearances galore (watch out for the legendary Mickey Rooney).

Make no mistake; it’s time once again to meet The Muppets.

Michael Doherty