If you’re a seventeen year old girl and adore Selena Gomez you’re going to love this – if not, there’s probably not much point reading on.

Three young women Grace - Selena Gomez, her friend Emma - Katie Cassidy - and her step-sister Meg - Leighton Meester (bit of a step down for her), head to Paris for a much anticipated summer adventure and life changing experience.

In true damsel in distress-style, the tour they organise is a total disaster so when there is a chance for Grace to step into the life of spoilt and obnoxious heiress Cordelia also played by Gomez all three take on the life of imposters and jet off to the south of France.

The glitzy Monte Carlo location (although many of the scenes were actually shot in Budapest) is about the prettiest thing about this movie – the plot is beyond unbelievable if not a bit irresponsible, the acting from the young starlets, bar Katie Cassidy, is below par and it’s a total surprise to see comedian Catherine Tate playing a pivotal role as Cordelia’s aunt, even she looks a bit shocked too.

Cory Monteith manages to get his name quite high up on the cast list, drawing in Glee fans no doubts however his appearance is fleeting and without song – sorry to disappoint!

There isn’t a single ounce of originality in this movie – it’s all been done before and quite honestly it’s been done a lot better – surely the teen market deserve better than this.

Janice Butler