Glee: The 3D Concert Movie offers all the 'gleeks' out there the perfect chance to experience the songs and amazing dance routines that the television series offers but in a big screen and 3D environment.

The show’s storylines focus on how individuals differ from one another and that those differences should be embraced. The show explores these differences and the struggles of the teenage years using song and dance which are shown to great effect in the big screen version. An added element for the movie is the insight into the lives of real teenagers who are different and found comfort in the TV series and learned to accept themselves for who they are.

The cast performances look amazing on the big screen with a very broad range of genres and music types explored. The characters’ personalities come to the fore in each of the performances to crowds who clearly adore the show and the stars. The fan base seems to range from toddlers to adults who can be seen dancing and singing along in the massive crowds.

In between the note-perfect performances there are funny exchanges between characters harkening back to the series. While it’s hard to pick a stand-out actor from the great cast special mention must go to Brittany, played by Heather Morris who really steals the show on a character level. As for singing, not suprisingly Rachel Berry, played by Lea Michelle gives outstanding vocal performances consistently.

It would have been nice to see even a little bit of the other adored characters from the show, Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) or Mr Schuester (Matthew Morrison) but there is still lots to recommend here.

My main gripe with the movie is that is just isn't long enough which is always a good thing! This one is a definite for all fans of Glee and even some of those who are not. No matter what mood you're in going to see the movie, you will leave the cinema gleeful.

All together now.. Don’t Stop Believin'

Katie Courage