Jim Carrey is back to his eccentric best in this warm-hearted comedy. Tapping into the recent obsession with our furry friends, this movie version of the popular Popper's books has all the ingredients (funny faces, farts and falls) for a cinema filled with laughter.

Tom Popper (Carrey) is a standard-issue workaholic, a divorced father of two who doesn't spend enough time with his kids because he's so focused on his career.

When his father, who was an explorer, passes away and leaves his son a penguin – as if it were just another souvenir from one of his trips – all hell breaks loose. One penguin turns into six and before you know it, his new pets are taking a trip to the Guggenheim Museum. High-jinks ensue as Popper's winged roomies swim in the toilet, invade the fridge, sleep in his bed and transform his swanky penthouse apartment into an ice rink.

While the plot of Mr Popper's Penguins – lovable but mischievous animals wreak havoc in a strait-laced life – has been done to death, children aren't going to notice or care. It's a comeback of sorts for Jim Carrey, who mugs, prances and does funny voices, all the while managing not to be upstaged by a half-dozen, very cute waddling birds.

Janice Butler