An action with a difference, 'RED' gains much from not taking itself too seriously. Lead by an all-star cast, you'd have high hopes heading into this one and luckily, they're not misplaced.

Frank Moses (Willis) is a moving target. Considered retired and extremely dangerous (RED) by the CIA, there's a price on his head and Agent William Cooper (Urban) is the man charged with wiping out the possible threat that he presents. But Moses didn't retire to sit around in his armchair or go fishing. He's still at the top of his game and is always two steps ahead of his potential assassins. What's more there's a new lady in his life, who could need some protecting too, but Sarah (Parker) isn't quite sold on the idea of being Frank's leading lady. And just to mix matters up, some fellow REDs are also dying to jump back into action. So Moses seeks out Joe (Freeman) at his retirement home, Marvin (Malkovich) at his remote/reclusive hideout and Victoria (Mirren) at her country estate.

What works about this movie is that it's built around fun. The plot is daft and slightly ridiculous but it works for laughs. The acting is also top-notch, as you would expect from heavyweights like Willis (doing what he does best), Morgan, Mirren and particularly Malkovich (excellent is the role of a slightly paranoid character with hilarious observations). Mary-Louise Parker also turns in a great comic performance as the new sidekick to the old gang, back together again.

'RED' is the kind of caper that will have you chuckling along. It's got enough laughs, shoot-outs and big names to keep you entertained for its short stay. You won't be talking about it in years to come but you may well recommend it to a friend in need of a laugh.

Linda McGee