With such a talented cast ('Ugly Betty's America Ferrera, Oscar winner Forest Whitaker), 'Our Family Wedding' had a lot of potential. Sadly, the golden rule of success in numbers did not apply to this rom-com. Director Rick Famuyiwa was aiming for something along the lines of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' - an emotional and uplifting, cross-cultural film brimming with laughs. He hasn't succeeded.

Diligent law student Lucia Ramirez (Ferrera) drops out of college to marry her doctor boyfriend Marcus Boyd (Gross). The plan is to travel to Los Angeles to unleash the news on their parents, before heading to Laos. Lucia is worried that her controlling father (Mencia) and mother (Riva) won't understand, while Marcus dreads telling his dad (Whitaker), a successful radio host, ladies' man and bitter commitment-phobe.

Completely predictable from start to finish, 'Our Family Wedding' is filled with clichés and recalls familiar movies like 'Guess Who?' and 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?'. The problem is that although the races are different (African-American and Mexican-American), we've seen similar settings before, so even the likes of Ferrera and Whitaker can't inspire a surprising payoff. And with so many heavily contrived scenes, at times it feels like you are watching a stretched out TV show.

The longer the film goes on the more mundane the plot becomes and the drier Mencia's jokes. Scenes involving feeding a goat Viagra and throwing wedding cake are unfortunately as far as Famuyiwa and the other scriptwriters could take their cheap gags.

This offers plenty of old, borrowed and blue, but something new is seriously lacking. A task to sit through.

Laura Delaney

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