If you're looking for a scare, intrigue, some clever plotlines with suspense and drama... then maybe consult the listings again to see if there's anything else showing 'round your local cinema.

Greg (Dorman) decides that a trip might be just what his stressed friend Jess (George) needs to calm her worries about caring for her autistic son, and so he assembles a group of friends, acquaintances and potential partners to embark on a boating excursion.

It's all going great (well, apart from some mild bitching and a few snide comments from the ladies on board) until a dark cloud brings a storm which capsizes their vessel. This should spell disaster but the appearance of a liner seems to provide a miracle lifeline.

Suspiciously, the ship is completely deserted... but, even still, strange things begin to happen and the stranded-at-sea brigade begin to have trouble telling what's real and who can be trusted.

The story then plays out (several times on a loop) from different perspectives, each one less interesting than its predecessor, making you will the film to its climax. But, unfortunately, that too is a wishy-washy affair, with no life-raft in sight!

You realise how bad you thought 'Triangle' was when you scratch your head for positives and end up resorting to dissecting the font of the end credits, such is the lack of redeeming features. There's no tension, there's no real storyline and, as such, there's no decent reason to keep watching this. Disappointing in the extreme.

Linda McGee