What to say about 'Year One'? Well, the first two words that spring to mind are 'be warned'. Yes, it's billed as a comedy but we may have to play with the word comedy a bit before we can make that match fit.

Step back in time to... well, the beginning of time. Enter cavemen types, hunter/gatherers etc, among them Zed (Black) and Oh (Cera). The former is all about the talk, hitting on women (or just hitting them) and rubbing people up the wrong way. The latter is the thinker of the pair, the quiet genius, who lacks social skills. Together they decide, or are forced, to take on the big bad world (after being booted out of their tribe), running into everyone from Cain (Cross) and Abel (Rudd) to Abraham (Azaria) and Isaac (Mintz-Plasse).

Detailing further plotlines is unnecessary, believe us. There are a few biblical references, some stonings, a bit of slavery and a trip to Sodom and Gomorrah to pick up some ladies of the night. Throw in some of the laziest, silliest comedy you can think of and you've probably painted yourself a pretty good picture of this utterly daft piece of cinema.

Is there anything positive that we can say? Well, Michael Cera is far better than this as actor but, with what he has to work with, he is impressive enough, pulling out the only few laughs of the movie. Jack Black works well with Cera but never quite manages to be as funny, despite trying very hard in that likeable way that he goes about business.

But this is so unfunny that you won't even want to wait for the outtakes. If nothing that's gone before has made you chuckle then it's pretty much a lost cause at that stage.

Linda McGee

Year One Competition Winners: Gary Bassett, Dublin; Roisin Cronin, Cork; Patrick Fahy, Dublin; Mark Higgins, Wicklow; James Keane, Kildare; Lisa McGowan, Donegal; Dave McHesney, Kildare; Ciara Murphy, Cork; Audrey O'Malley, Galway; Dan Stynes, Dublin; Anna-May Tutty, Kildare; Brendan Quinn, Dublin.

Thanks to everyone who entered.