A slasher movie with a tame 15A rating is the first cause for concern when confronted with Nelson McCormack's truly awful remake of Jamie Lee Curtis' 1980 movie of the same name.

The term 'remake', however, is one which should be used lightly. While McCormack retains the premise of a knife-wielding maniac let loose on prom night, the storyline follows a slightly different path as 'Prom Night's stars lumber their way through a diabolical script.

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Donna Keppel (Snow) has survived the vicious murder of her family years earlier at the hands of an obsessive teacher (Schaech). Now about to celebrate her senior prom, she's hoping to put the past behind her and celebrate the end of one part of her life and the start of another. 'What could possibly go wrong?', I hear you ask.

Well, surprise, surprise, the killer teacher -obsessed with Donna - has escaped from a psychiatric ward three days previous and (surprise, surprise) Donna's local police unit have only just been informed. You don't think he'll show up at the prom, do you?

McCormack's movie is so predictable that he may as well have handed out a map of events prior to the screening. From the opening sky-high shot following a car over a town bridge, everything follows an all-too-familiar pattern.

The dialogue between the high school's teenagers is typical to this sort of farce. There's the spoilt princess hoping to be prom queen; Donna has a jock boyfriend; and there's the usual argument about couples staying together as they move away to college. In short, you've already seen these scenes played out everywhere from 'Grease' to 'Dawson's Creek'.

Schaech, last seen as the frontman in 'That Thing You Do', is unconvincing as the psycho killer and the inevitable killing-off of characters fails to shock or surprise. It's a case of boy goes up to the hotel room, boy gets killed; girl goes up, girl gets killed, etc. McCormack even throws in a killing on a disused, under-renovation hotel floor just to ensure he can do the 'jumping from plastic sheeting' murder.

What's more, for a slasher movie, there's a shocking lack of blood and the tame certificate the filmmakers strived towards means they can't even show knife wounds. Such a lack of violence, for a movie reliant on just that, simply makes the whole project a joke.

With no redeemable aspects, 'Prom Night' marks another utterly predictable, poorly performed and pitifully awful addition to the slew of dire slasher movies over the last decade. If ever a genre needed re-invention, this is it. Avoid.  

Steve Cummins