Following her turn in the awful 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend', Uma Thurman's latest foray into comedy makes an attempt to replicate the screwball movies of the late 1950s though it lacks the intelligence, dialogue, jokes or performances to scale such heights.

Instead, 'The Accidental Husband' is a paint-by-numbers 'chick flick'. To call it even a Rom-Com would be a slur on that particular genre. What director Griffin Dunne serves up is as formulaic as the average 'chick-lit' novel with the film's end result as obvious as the nose on your face.

The premise centres on Dr Emma Lloyd (Thurman), a popular New York radio DJ who gives love advice, Carrie Bradshaw style, to New York's legion of relationship obsessed women. Dressed impeccably, successful and making strides in her career, she's primed as the woman all girls seemingly strive to be.

Her success in her working life bleeds into her personal, with wedding plans underway to marry her equally successful fiancé Richard (Firth), a dependable if slightly feminine partner who is notably devoid of 'masculine' characteristics.

Step forward then Patrick Sullivan (Morgan) a blue-collar New York fire fighter, who plays soccer, hangs out with the lads, drinks beer and is close to his family. In short, he displays - what we are constantly led to believe with these films - all the characteristics women seemingly look for in a man, a rogue with a heart of gold.

Engaged to be married, Patrick's wife-to-be calls off the wedding after calling Emma's show and being advised by her to do so. As an act of revenge, he enlists his web savvy brother (there's always a computer-hacking kid) to break into the city's marriage records and register Emma as married to him.

Shocked to learn such news, Emma tracks Patrick down to get him to sign divorce papers so her wedding to Richard can proceed. Naturally, the couple begin to fall for each other, but not before they embark on some 'mad-cap adventures' around New York as they fight, bicker and eventually kiss along the way.

In short, you've seen this film a hundred times before and Colin Firth has probably been in all of them. Firth pretty much plays the same character as always, with one or two slight changes. Laughably the production notes for the movie tell us that Firth is "known for playing a diverse range of characters in such films as 'Bridget Jones’ Diary', 'Love Actually', and 'Pride and Prejudice'." Needless to say you'll be amazed once again at his "diversity" here.

Thurman and Morgan meanwhile make for a poor on-screen couple, lacking any chemistry between them as they shuffle awkwardly through their scenes together. The lack of comedy is just as obvious, with almost no-laughs throughout. Firth, to his credit, can do the bumbling routine to comic effect but both Morgan and Thurman lack such resources.

In all, 'The Accidental Husband' is brainless, chick-flick fodder, and a poor addition to the genre at that.

Steve Cummins