Whatever roles he chooses in the future, for some people Jason Biggs will never get past his career-making turn as lusty misfit Jim Levenstein in the 'American Pie' movies. But you have to hand it to him for having no fear of being typecast: he's back once again in slap-and-tickle territory for 'Wedding Daze'.

Having watched his girlfriend collapse and die at the very moment he proposed to her, Anderson (Biggs) has dropped out of the world. Sleeping in the same clothes for months on end, drinking out of jars because he can't be bothered to wash a cup and befriending the mouse who's made a banquet out of all the food on his apartment floor, Anderson needs to find someone to help him rebuild his life. But proposing to Katie (Fisher), a waitress he's just met at breakfast, probably isn't the way to go about it - especially when she accepts.

This is another one of those comedies where you can see a better film trying to get out - in this case with not too much extra effort. The plot is good, it has a great cast and characters, a few class lines ("Ménage à trois?" That's French for 'who's that dude?'") and the humour manages to be warped and quirky. But the moments where everything clicks into place here only serve to show up how episodic the rest of 'Wedding Daze' is.

While Biggs and former 'Home & Away' star Fisher could make a good double act, the film is too rushed to make the most of their chemistry. Rather than add more colour to the story over 120 minutes, writer-director Black ruins good work by rushing towards the ending and trying to finish everything as quickly as possible. Input from a few other writers could've made 'Wedding Daze' a real treat - and even had you wanting a sequel. Biggs, Fisher and you deserve better.

Harry Guerin