Although somewhat bizarrely tagged the "British 'American Pie'", this is quite an entertaining film that journeys enjoyably between the lines of sexual innuendo and gross-out comedy. 

The story centres around two film students, Joe and Baggy (Riley, Burke), who are soon to start their final year project to make a feature length film.

They have their script and both are excited that finally their labours will come to fruition. However, when the course director decides that for the first time the final year project is to be cut down from a 90-minute production to a two-minute piece, Joe and Baggy decide to make their film on their own.

Producer Joe goes in search of capital from independent production companies. At first this proves fruitless - until he comes across a small pornography company run by the dodgy Doug (Marsan), who gives them the required funds on Joe's promise that the world's most famous porn star, Candy Fiveways (Electra), has already agreed to star in the production.

Thus starts the comic journey as our heroes try to get their film made.

First they have to rewrite the script to include porn scenes and then try to find a cast and crew on a shoestring budget, as well as persuade the alluring Candy to agree to take on the starring role. Throw in the pair having to continually fend off the constant overtures from their violent financial backers, and having to shoot the entire film out of Joe's parents' house, and we are left with a curious comedy that even without the expected nudity leaves little to the imagination. 

The film easily mixes witty humour with a somewhat American penchant for bawdiness. And, like so many successful British films, 'I Want Candy' boasts a generous and capable supporting cast, each of whom adds significant weight to the film. One example is comedian Jimmy Carr, who is memorable as the uncouth video shop clerk. It must also be noted that the leading roles of Joe and Baggy are both dealt with charismatically.

To finish, 'I Want Candy' is a thoroughly enjoyable film. One, while unsuitable for younger viewers, could be slightly crass for those of an older generation. Overall it is a laugh, just don't go and see it with your parents.

David McDonnell