'Stomp the Yard' deserves a very short review - something along the lines of 'don't go see it', 'it's painfully cringe-worthy and predictable viewing' or perhaps 'it'll make you hate dancing'.

Instead let's look on the bright side... what if time travel was invented next week? What would be the first thing you should do? Hop back in time and retrieve the two hours you wasted watching this.

Street-dancer DJ (Short) is a messed-up teenager. He's just watched his brother being killed in a gangland attack and he's trying to start his life afresh somewhere new. So he heads off to live with his aunt and uncle while he attends Truth University in Atlanta, Georgia (it's all very 'Fresh Prince' thus far). 

When he arrives at Truth DJ turns a few heads immediately. He chats up the wrong girl, ie somebody else's girl, April (Good). He ruffles feathers in both of the step dance fraternities (no, not the kind of step-dancing we know over here) and he refuses to bow to the established gangs in the university. And then in a shocking twist, he busts a few moves in a club one night and suddenly everyone wants to be his best friend. Bet you didn't see that one coming.

'Stomp the Yard' is an example of the worst kind of movie that there is. It's not original and it relies too heavily on a gimmicky visual element to keep you interested. Sure, the dancing is skilled, well choreographed and everything 'stomping' should be, I'm sure, but if you wanted to see a couple of hours of inventive dancing you'd probably be just as entertained by the antics on the dancefloor at your local club on a Saturday night.

Totally lacking in the surprise element that seems to be all important in 'stepping' and 'stomping', this movie will make you shudder. If it was a dance it'd be an awkward, never-ending, slow-dance with someone you just don't want to be dancing with in the first place.

Linda McGee