'Employee of the Month' sets out to be a ridiculous over-the-top comedy, but in terms of the ridiculous it completely oversteps the most outlandish of marks.

However, to the most immature of sensitivities it may be watchable - but only just.

Here is the simple plot.

Zack (Cook) and Vince (Shepard) both work at the local supermarket. The former is our hero, who is lackadaisical in the extreme and has also perfected the art of getting through his working day with the least amount of effort.

Vince on the other hand is Zack's nemesis and is seen by the store's management as the beacon of working excellence. While Zack is loved by his colleagues because of his carefree, joking personality, Vince is hated by his rival's friends due to his devious and two-faced nature, which has seen him win the last 17 employee of the month awards in a row.

However when beautiful Amy, played by Jessica Simpson, moves to work at the supermarket, it soon becomes a contest as both Zack and Vince challenge for her affections. And when it is found out that she was romantically involved with the employee of the month at her last job, Zack decides to stop his wayward ways and contest for the title.

What follows is a nonsensical battle of wits between the pair as each attempts to thwart the efforts of the other.

In truth, this is a really lame comedy that does not even reach the somewhat lowly 'heights' set by the many predecessors of this genre. The audience from the first minute to last can see the story progress in an extremely predictable and worn-out pattern where Amy finds out at the last moment where Zack's true motivations lie before he in turn realises that he loves her and decides to win the title for himself.

That is not to say that this film doesn't have its moments but they are few and far between and not really done with much creativity or tension.

'Employee of the Month' is certainly one to leave until it reaches the video shelves - if at all - and parents of young kids should be wary of the constant sexual undertones that run throughout this comic turkey.

David McDonnell