Oh dear. Transposing 'Freaky Friday' to the teenage years and changing the mother/daughter switch into a boy/girl changeover might have seemed like a good idea on paper - but that's exactly where it should have stayed. Instead it was made into 'It's A Boy Girl Thing', with director Nick Hurran ('Little Black Book', 'Virtual Sexuality') in the driving seat for this predictable flick.

Popular high school jock Woody (Zegers) and the academic Nell (Armstrong), a prim and proper little miss, are next-door neighbours that drive each other mad. Opposites in every way, it's a shoo-in from the start that they're also a match made in heaven. Unfortunately there's about 90 minutes of rubbish before that happens. After it's been set up so we realise exactly how much they hate each other, an Aztec statue that they argue in front of on a school outing works cinematic magic on the pair and they wake up the next morning, in each other's bodies - cue lots of screaming, yelling, obvious pratfalls and an obsession with their new genitalia. Nell (in Woody's body) seems to have a harder time of it, having to cope with male toilets, American football, a randy girlfriend and unfortunate propensity to dissolve into tears at inappropriate moments. Fortunately Woody (in Nell's body) seems to have woken up with an ability to apply mascara and an unerring eye for accessories.

With no obvious time limit on the changeover, things quickly turn nasty as Nell and Woody try to sabotage each other's high school lives. But things can't stay down for long as the pair learn some Important Life Lessons (never argue in front of an Aztec statue, perhaps?) and the film descends into saccharine mush. Not very bright and certainly not clever enough to engage your attention beyond the first ten minutes, 'It's A Boy Girl Thing' is not worth wasting your cinema-going money or time on.

Caroline Hennessy