Based on a Danish radio show, 'Terkel in Trouble' looks like it could offer plenty to those who know the episodes of 'South Park' off by heart - a great vocal cast for the English-language version and an irreverence that could even pull in those who dislike animated movies. What it doesn't have is a decent script.

Teenager Terkel (Edmondson) hangs around with more streetwise school pal Jason (Bishop) and will do anything to fit in - even going as far as to insult another classmate so much that she throws herself out a window. Not long after that disaster he starts receiving menacing text messages and wishes he could just hide under the duvet at home.

This is a five-minute cartoon that outstays its welcome by another 75 and is so devoid of good gags that it's a mystery how people of the calibre of Edmondson, Bailey and Vegas signed up for it - presumably they saw the script in English before they stepped in front of the mic.

The only shock value to be had here is how bad the whole thing is. 

Harry Guerin