One of those video rental favourites in the early 1980s - with many subsequently revealing the twist to scare pals who hadn't seen it - the original 'When a Stranger Calls' starred Carol Kane as a stalked babysitter and Charles Durning as the veteran detective trying to save her life. In the 1990s it spawned a made-for-TV sequel, but this remake is set to get a big screen follow-up a lot sooner.

High school athlete Jill Johnson (Belle) is grounded and her mobile phone privileges suspended after running up a hefty bill in a messy boyfriend break-up. Dropped off by her father to babysit at a wealthy doctor's lakeside house, Jill's barely had a snoop around the rooms when the phone starts ringing - first silence and then someone at the other end asking her if she's checked the children. Jill initially thinks it's her school pals prank calling from a party, but the longer the night goes on the less likely it seems she'll see tomorrow.

While teen chillers tend to be exercises in extreme dullness, at least director Simon West tries to wring some suspense out of the scenes here and Belle turns in a performance that sets her apart from regular maniac fodder. She doesn't overact; she's never annoying and you might even give the arm rest a bit of a thump when she inflicts some damage on her mystery caller.

Far from perfect, but at least it's watchable.

Harry Guerin