Directed by Mark Waters, starring Reese Witherspoon, Mark Ruffalo, Dina Waters, Donal Houriskey and Jon Heder.

Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo star in this supernatural romantic comedy with a few plot holes, but plenty of sugary sweetness.

Elizabeth Masterson (Witherspoon) is a hard-working doctor who trades her social life for her job once too often and is involved in a car accident. David Abbott (Ruffalo) is a landscape architect with a turbulent past looking for a new apartment with a good couch. After much searching, he finds just what he's looking for, but this is Elizabeth's old apartment, and she isn't too happy about David's occupancy.

For his part, David does everything he can to rid himself of Elizabeth's presence, particularly when he discovers that she is a spirit and that only he can see her. Believing that she is dead, he enlists the help of various experts to banish her from the apartment. But when he meets Daryl (Heder) an initially unconvincing expert in the supernatural, he discovers that there may, quite literally, be more to Elizabeth.

David and Elizabeth set about finding out precisely what happened to her and grow closer in the process. The relationship between them progresses a little too speedily though and, from here on in, there are quite a few plot points left unexplained.

Ruffalo and Witherspoon do superbly as David and Elizabeth, a couple who initially hate each other, but eventually discover that they can't live without each other. Their love story is sweet and tender and made all the better by Ruffalo and Witherspoon's chemistry. Jon Heder, of 'Napoleon Dynamite', adds a great sense of fun to the proceedings.

If you find the idea of a man falling in love with a ghost impossible to believe, you will have to suspend disbelief even further towards the end when the plot holes become glaringly obvious. When it sticks to David and Elizabeth's relationship, 'Just Like Heaven' is a sweetly romantic movie, but when it strays towards explanations for what's going on, the problems start.

Luckily though, you become too caught up in David and Elizabeth's romance for that to bother you a whole lot. One for the girls, definitely, but a nice one.

Katie Moten