Directed by Yoon-Hyun Chang, staring Suk-kyu Han, Eun-ha Shim, Hang-Seon Jang and Jung-ah Yum.

When body parts turn up in various locations around Seoul in 1999, disgraced cop Detective Cho (Han) is put on the case to solve the gruesome murders. Still coming to terms with the death of his mother, he uses the case as a form of redemption and an outlet for his misery and loss. The surgically-removed body parts are mismatched, leaving a puzzle for Cho to identify. When the only link is beautiful museum curator Su-Yeon Chae (Eun-ha Shim), Cho sets out to protect her, solve the crime and begin re-establishing his sliding career.

When Cho enters Su-Yeon's world he uncovers a troubled past that continues to have a hold over her. Tales of family abuse and former lovers reveal a dark, mysterious character that he begins to develop feelings for. Realising that anyone who comes close to Su-Yeon is a target, Cho needs to solve the crimes before he becomes the next victim.

A stylish thriller, 'Tell Me Something' borrows heavily from movies such as 'Basic Instinct' and 'Se7en', although the story is no match for either film.

With his eye on Hollywood, director Yoon-Hyun Chang ensures the action sequences move with speed and grace. The universal theme of unrequited love makes his film appealing, but the violence is hard and bloody, which may leave the audience squirming in their seats.

Chang throws red herrings into the plot to draw out the story, but they act more as a distraction than an enhancement. And while the identity of the killer is kept concealed to the last frame, it comes as no surprise.

Overall, 'Tell Me Something' lacks the punch a good Hollywood thriller often lands. The characters are well-acted and realistic, but the plot twists are so numerous and tangled that the film leaves the audience with more questions than answers. 

Seán Kavanagh