Directed by Mike Mitchell, starring Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston, Lynda Carter, Michael Angarano, Danielle Panabaker, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Bruce Campbell, Dave Foley and Steven Strait.

'Sky High' finds young Will Stronghold, wonderfully portrayed by Michael Angarano, and his friends starting their freshman year at High School.

But Will is no ordinary student and his school, Sky High, is no ordinary institute of learning.

Sky High is an elite school that educates only the offspring of superheroes and Will is the son of two of the world's most legendary, The Commander (Russell) and Jetstream (Preston), who, in everyday life, are ordinary couple Steve and Josie.

As part of their induction, the students have to demonstrate to coach Boomer (Campbell) their special skill or power.

This will determine whether they join the 'Hero' class or the lesser 'Hero Support' class (sidekick to you and me).

Sadly for Will, he has no powers and is forced to start off in the 'Hero Support' class. Luckily for him, several of his friends are in the class and together they cope with the school bullies and a dangerous rebel with a grudge who possesses the ability to shoot fire from his hands.

But trouble is just around the corner in the form of a villain who threatens Will, his family and friends, and the very existence of the school.

Will must save the day and prove himself a hero worthy of the family tradition.

Once you get over the rather unusual premise, 'Sky High' is top class entertainment with something for the whole family.

Adults and older children will enjoy and appreciate the great comedic performances and one-liners that are plentiful throughout, while children will love the special effects and dazzling array of powers that the students possess.

However, younger children may be slightly scared by some of the cartoon-esque violence.

The best of the comedy comes from Bruce Campbell ('Escape from LA', 'The Hudsucker Proxy' and TV's 'The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr') and Kurt Russell, who steals the show, as The Commander.

Russell hasn't put in a more entertaining performance in many years, and films.

Also on top form is legendary actress Cloris Leachman as the school nurse. Others to look out for are Nicholas Braun as Will's friend Zach and Kevin Heffernan, recently in 'The Dukes of Hazzard', as Sky High bus driver Ron Wilson.

There are plenty of post 9-11 'them-against-us' (or should that be 'US'?) undertones that you get in a lot of American films now, along with generous amounts of homespun American family values.

Page loads of dialogue, particularly that brilliantly delivered by Russell, wouldn't be out of place in an episode of 'The Waltons' or 'The Cosby Show' but this only adds to the enjoyment.

There's a superb action packed finale, several strands of which are fairly predictable and which you can see coming a mile off, but then again, it's that kind of film.

Mark O'Neill-Cummins