Directed by Stephen Bradley, starring Samantha Mumba, David Leon, Laurence Kinlan, Tadhg Murphy, Sara James, Mark Huberman, Deirdre O'Kane and Bryan Murray.

If you like the thought of a Dublin suburb being caught in the grip of soulless flesh-eating zombies then 'Boy Eats Girl' will appeal to your appetite.

However, if you like a bit more substance to your comedy-horrors then avoid this like the plague. Director Stephen Bradley's attempt to set a zombie movie in Ireland flounders due to large plot holes and awful dialogue.

The storyline goes that Nathan (Leon), a native of fictional Dublin suburb Huntstown, has the worst evening of his short life when he believes that he has been jilted by the object of his desire, Jessica (Mumba), and suffers a fatal accident after consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

His mother (O'Kane) uses a voodoo magic book she discovered at a nearby church to bring him back to life. It emerges that the spell was not completely effective when he discovers a desire to eat human flesh during the local school disco. Unwittingly, he takes a bite out of a classmate and so the transformation of Huntstown to Zombieville begins.

The only saving graces here are that the action sometimes is better than awful and the comedy-horror value of the movie approaches acceptable standards sporadically - an excellent moped moment from former 'Fair City' actress Doreen Keogh stands out.

In truth, 'Boy Eats Girl' comes close to being so bad that it hits the comedy nail on the head but the story failings are too noticeable to truly enjoy it. The main flaws are unrelated scenes, a complete lack of any irony and a failure to build up a decent amount of suspense.

A number of the acting performances rise above the mediocre script - Deirdre O'Kane and Samantha Mumba fit their roles very well, but the less said about Bryan Murray's contribution the better.

'Boy Eats Girl' never approaches the high standards set by 'Scream' or 'Shaun of the Dead'. If it's a Zombiefest you want, wait for this one on DVD and keep your money for 'Land of the Dead'.

Patrick Kennedy