Directed by Hans Weingartner, starring Daniel Bruhl, Julia Jentsch, Stipe Erceg and Burghart Klaußner.

Jan (Bruhl) and Peter (Erceg) are two young rebels who spend their nights breaking into the homes of Berlin's elite. Their aim is not to steal from the wealthy but to warn them that their "days of plenty are numbered". They are brothers with a cause and christen themselves 'The Edukators'.

Due to financial problems, Peter's girlfriend Julia (Jentsch) is forced to move in with the duo. An accident years before has left her working several jobs and she too is fed up with capitalists - but has no idea what her boyfriend is involved in. On a weekend when Peter is away, Julia manages to get all the information from Jan and wants to experience first hand what The Edukators are about.

When she accompanies Jan on a break-in, they encounter more then they bargained for. Not wanting the press to reveal the identity of The Edukators, they are forced to take the victim (Klaußner) hostage. They then set out on a road trip that will test their attraction to each other and their relationship with Peter. But the hostage turns the tables on his kidnappers and forces them to question whether their beliefs are self-motivated or for the common good.

'The Edukators' is wonderfully entertaining and thought-provoking in the same vein as 'Good Bye, Lenin!' and 'Run Lola Run'. The performances are likeable, with Bruhl showing why many regard him as the next big thing from Europe. Mixing politics and road movie, it's a film that will leave audiences questioning their own values in society. With the increased recognition that foreign language films are receiving in Ireland, 'The Edukators' joins a list of small gems waiting to be discovered by a larger audience

Seán Kavanagh