Directed by Stephen Chow Sing-chi, starring Stephen Chow Sing-chi, Ng Mang-tat, Xie Xian, Li Hui and Zhou Wei.

Sceptics may doubt the wisdom of mixing martial arts, soccer and English dubbing in one movie, and to be fair they may have good reason to.

However, reason and logic play no part in this movie and as such should have no bearing on people's opinion of it. Granted, the film could well be the love child created when 'Escape to Victory' had one too many beers and fell into bed with 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon', while Roy Race and Bruce Lee turned away in disgust. Nevertheless, this is the wackiest and downright funniest movie to hit the big screen in a long time.

The story focuses on a rubbish collector, Sing (Stephen Chow Sing-chi), who tries to incorporate the teachings of Shaolin kung-fu into the tasks of everyday life. When Fung (Ng Mang-tat), a fallen soccer legend, sees Sing kick (literally) some ass in a street fight, he convinces the bin boy of the merit of mixing his kicking skills with the most popular sport in the world. Sing then gathers five loser brothers with whom he attended a Shaolin monastery to team up and enter a national soccer tournament.

This is not a movie about kung-fu or soccer, and an interest in either/or is not a prerequisite for viewing. In fact an overwhelming passion for martial arts or the beautiful game could easily hinder one's enjoyment of this frankly absurd flick.

The English dubbing is horrific to begin with, but even that eventually feeds into the humour. While it isn't wall to wall chuckles, you will find yourself increasingly engrossed the more outlandish proceedings become. It probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, but you can be sure that you've never seen anything like it before and for that reason alone, it's well worth a gander.

Séamus Leonard