Directed by Steven Brill, starring Matthew Lillard, Seth Green, Dax Shepard, Bonnie Somerville and Burt Reynolds.

This story is about a small gang of four boys who make a pact as kids to one day go and search for the supposed $200,000 that airline hijacker DB Cooper parachuted to his probable death with over the Pacific state of Oregon.

Years later, the first of their childhood gang dies (Billy), and on a trip down memory lane after the funeral, the surviving three members, Jerry (Lillard), Dan (Green) and Tom (Shepard), decide to fulfill their childhood promise to try to retrieve the reputed loot in honour of their late friend.

What ensues is a calamity of errors as the trio take on a river, a mountain, two weed-growing hicks and a corrupt sheriff in the quest to find the money. It's essentially a mediocre effort, peppered with reasonably funny scenes and moments. Look out for a clip late on involving a falling tree – definitely the best bit.

'...Paddle's major flaw is that it's hard to categorise what genre it could call itself. Obviously it's a comedy, but does it fall under buddy-boy, comedy adventure, or spoof? It could slot into all three, but it would have been better if it made things a little clearer. The fact that the makers spend so much time doffing their cap to other movies ('Deliverance' and 'The Goonies' being the most notable) means that there isn't enough time for this film to develop its own character.

Burt Reynolds does his best to rescue things with his late cameo as a crazy mountain man. With a pinch of smut, a little comedy, a chunk of action and the obligatory Hollywood moral message, this flick has a little for everyone. However, spreading itself so thinly to cover all the bases ensures that it can offer a lot to no-one or to very few at least.

Overall, a tad disappointing, mainly because there is the sense that with a sharper focus and tighter writing this effort could have been an awful lot better.

Séamus Leonard