Directed by Brad Bird, starring the voices of Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L Jackson, Jason Lee, Dominique Louis, Spencer Fox, Eli Fucile, Maeve Andrews, Sarah Vowell and Teddy Newton.

Loveable colourful characters, a fluid stream of gags and larger than life superhero antics combine to make this clever animated feature one that the children will be screaming out to see over and over again.

A family of former (and budding) superheroes were never likely to fit in to a quiet suburban neighbourhood. Concealing their extraordinary powers of strength, elasticity, speed and invisibility can only work for so long. Eventually after pushing them into hiding, the world will demand the help of some true superheroes.

Opening with a hilarious scene with the superheroes doing quirky little pieces-to-camera about their heroics, the movie flips swiftly onto the lives of our stars, superheroes Mr Incredible (Nelson) and the love of his life, Elastigirl (Hunter). Like every good superhero the pair have alter-egos, normal citizens by day, saving the world by night. In their married life they are Bob and Helen Parr, insurance broker and housewife, trying their level best to fit into their newly created 'normal' life.

Forced into a secret existence, after the people of the city demand that all the superheroes hang up their capes, Helen and Bob are more than a little conspicuous - especially with their three very gifted children in tow. Violet (Vowell) has the ability to make herself invisible at the drop of a hat, while her younger brother Dash (Fox) can travel at the speed of light. What special powers the baby of the house Jack (Fucile/Andrews) possesses, though, are the best kept secret.

Working his nine-to-five job was never going to be enough for Mr Incredible, so when disaster strikes, in the form of the evil-minded Syndrome (Lee), he knows there is only one thing to do... Dig out those tights and that cape! What he didn't bank on though was a family adventure as Helen, Violet and Dash go on a mission.

'The Incredibles' is a giggle-fest for the children, with perhaps not as many laughs for the adults as has become customary in recent animated works. There are, however, some great comic moments provided by fashion designer to the superheroes Edna Mode (Bird). The colour and fast pace of this spectacle should be enough to ensure its popularity at the box office, at least with younger audiences.

Linda McGee