Directed by Alex Proyas, starring Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, Bruce Greenwood, James Cromwell and Alan Tudyk.

In Chicago 2035, robots have become a vital and trusted part of everyday life. When robot manufacturer US Robotics releases its new robot the NS-5, an automated Domestic Assistant, there will be one robot to every five humans.

The robots are programmed with three laws that control their actions, ensuring that they will not harm humans. But one man, homicide detective Del Spooner (Smith), doesn't trust them. His suspicions are confirmed when Dr Alfred Lanning (Cromwell), the creator of US Robotics' robots, is found dead. Lawrence Robertson (Greenwood), the head of the company, believes that the reclusive scientist has committed suicide but Lanning has left a holographic message for Spooner, which indicates that he may have been murdered.

The witness who holds the key to the murder is Sonny (Tudyk), Lanning's most trusted robot. He is the most human-like of all Lanning's creations and when Sonny tries to escape from the police, Spooner is convinced that he has committed the murder. To find out what has really happened he must talk to the machine without letting his own prejudice destroy the investigation.

'I, Robot' captivates the audience from the outset. With rows of identical buildings and no greenery in sight there is an immediate eeriness, a feeling that everything has become too perfect.

The visual effects are remarkable. There are large-scale demolitions and high speed car chases against military-style groups of robots. CGI robot Sonny, with a perfectly symmetrical face and clear muscle definition, resembles a person rather than a machine enabling the characters - and audience - to develop a bond with him. His subtle and very human movements, such as winking an eye, also establish a fear of what else the robots may be able to do.

There's a strong human aspect to 'I, Robot' and Will Smith is excellent as the detective with the tortured soul. However, he does still provide his trademark comedic one-liners and the suitability of these in this film depends on whether or not you’re a fan of his. He treads a thin line between cheesy and witty.

The action is fast-paced and, because no one knows who has committed the murder, a tense guessing game is played out until the very end.

'I Robot' emphasises society's reliance on technology and raises fears for the future if the over dependence continues to grow.

You'll never look at your microwave in the same way again.

Eilish Barry