Directed by Jan Kounen, starring Vincent Cassel, Juliette Lewis, Michael Madsen, Colm Meaney, Temuera Morrison, Ernest Borgnine, Djimon Hounsou, Hugh O'Conor and Eddie Izzard.

Found half-dead in the desert by Indians as a teenager (O'Conor), Mike Blueberry (Cassel) awkwardly straddles two cultures: becoming a town marshal, while still adhering to the mystical ways. And both come into conflict with the arrival of a group of adventurers (Hounsou and Izzard among them), searching for buried treasure. But while trying to keep the peace, Blueberry discovers that he must also make peace with his own past, brought into the sharpest focus when old enemy Blount (Madsen) rides into town.

Loosely adapted from the popular French comic books, 'Blueberry' has an interesting cast, nice camerawork and some beautiful settings but little else to yahoo about. A druggy, gothic western, it carries the heavy load of thinking it has something far deeper to say than it actually does - upping the body count and culling the pretentiousness was the way to go. The first half hour is intriguing enough that you'll even make allowances for Cassel's accent, but what follows won't keep either horse opera or horror fans interested and the stagecoach marked 'excitement' seldom arrives. If you still decide to go, make sure not to wear a watch.

Harry Guerin