Directed by Alejandro Agresti, starring Rodrigo Noya, Carmen Maura, Julieta Cardinali, Mex Urtizberea and Alejandro Agresti.

It's hard to have dreams of being a NASA astronaut when you live in 1960s Argentina and life keeps your feet stuck on the ground. Valentín (Noya) is eight-years-old. His mother and father (Agresti) split some years earlier and he now lives with his lonely, widowed grandmother (Maura) in the middle of Buenos Aires. He does not know where his mother is and for his father Valentín is a burden, a way to get new girlfriends but hassle once they move on. But all that looks like changing with the arrival of Leticia (Cardinali), his Dad's latest flame. She's kind, smart, blonde - and Valentín reckons the perfect stepmother for a little boy.

Like its leading man, 'Valentín' is short and slight but Agresti's autobiographical film overflows with charm. It's a study of loneliness from multiple angles (a boy, his grandmother, a beautiful young woman, a dumped next door neighbour) that's both sweet and moving and will have people leaving the cinema that bit younger. In a role that's just made for upstaging adult actors, the fantastic Noya keeps his side of the deal, but there is never a feeling that's he's hogging scenes or trying too hard - his screen time with Cardinali and Urtizberea as the lovesick neighbour ebbs and flows wonderfully.

For some, the ending will be a little too perfect, but a hero this cool only deserves the best.

Harry Guerin