Directed by Jan de Bont, starring Angelina Jolie, Gerard Butler, CiaránHinds, Chris Barrie and Noah Taylor.

With a plot that should have forced a name change to 'Tomb Raider of the Lost Ark', adventurer Croft (Jolie) is hired by the British government to track down Panodora's Box – The Pandora's Box - before scientist turned world domination enthusiast Jonathan Reiss (Hinds) gets his rubber gloves on it. This time, Croft has a partner: former soldier - and lover – Terry Sheridan (Butler), more outfits and plenty of stamps on her passport - taking in China, Hong Kong and Africa in her quest to find the 'Box's resting place, The Cradle of Life.

At least the film is slicker than the title. And unlike its predecessor, where it felt as if they were still typing the script in the middle of scenes, you can see a little thought went into the story. But just like two years ago, when the first movie was second only to 'Pearl Harbour' as the blockbuster disappointment of the summer, this time Lara Croft escapes the wooden spoon due to the presence of 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' in the bottom spot.

The main problem is that since his glory days with 'Speed', de Bont has roasted too many turkeys (the sequel, 'The Haunting') for this movie to be worth the trouble - it would take a director on a string of successes to take that long-lingering bad taste out of Croft fans' mouths. Instead, the only triumph here is one of anatomy over gravity and Jolie's outfits aside, there's nothing to make this film feel like an event. Younger viewers may get a kick out of some of the action sequences – anyone over the age of 12 will know Bond has done them so much better.

Doubtless the game will be cherished for years to come, as a big screen franchise though, 'Tomb Raider' looks dead and buried.

Harry Guerin