Directed by Steve Carr, starring Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin and Steve Zahn.

Once one of Hollywood's biggest comedy stars, Eddie Murphy's career has resembled a soiled nappy of late, and 'Daddy Day Care' isn't going to clean up his act.

When Charlie (Murphy) and Phil (Garlin) are fired from their jobs in a typical heartless corporation, they're left in charge of their young kids. Unable to afford the only day care centre in town (headed by a wonderfully camp Angelica Huston), they set up their own, despite knowing nothing about how to raise children.

The premise of 'clueless dad minds kids' is hardly a new one - this is basically John Hughes' 'Mr Mom' with added capitalism. But the dads are likeable (especially 'Star Trek' geek Steve Zahn), the kids not too irritating, and the obligatory moralising never too heavy-handed.

Although helmed by the director of the awful 'Dr Doolittle 2', the movie avoids the temptation to use too much toilet humour, though it does use the term quite literally on a couple of occasions. There's one rather disgusting use of cockroaches that wouldn't look out of place on an episode of 'Fear Factor', and will put kids off eating potato salad for the considerable future.

Murphy has been on the wane since he cleaned up his foul mouth and started aiming at a younger audience, and last year's spectacular flop 'Pluto Nash' saw him sink to a disastrous new low. Those expecting this to be yet another nail in the coffin of his film career - which already has more nails than your average DIY store - will be only partly disappointed.

But with an enjoyable bunch of neurotic youngsters, and a few jokes thrown in for the adults, this will keep the kids amused for 92 minutes of the summer holidays. Add two more stars if you're not old enough to remember when the Spice Girls were big, when Bertie first became Taoiseach, or the last time Eddie Murphy had a good film.

Gearóid Reidy