Directed by Christian Duguay. Starring Devon Sawa, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, Rupert Graves, Rufus Sewell, Heino Ferch.

You’re a hotshot ad director looking for the ultimate eye-candy for a job for a big Japanese client. So what's your high concept? How about taking four daredevil extreme sports junkies to the top of an Austrian Alp and forcing them to ski down the mountain in front of an avalanche? In the interests of making an exciting commercial, naturellement.

The only snag is that a Serbian war criminal who has faked his own death is hanging out in the same resort, and after taking one look at the puffa-jacketed bimbo and himbo protagonists, decides they are CIA assassins (I am not joking).

To say 'Extreme Ops' is idiotic is to be very harsh on idiots. This nakedly cynical exploitation film weaves a ludicrous story in an attempt to bind together some impressive stuntwork.

The heroes are almost as unpleasant as the villains. Rupert Graves is as thin as a cardboard cutout as the nasty producer of the commercial, while Rufus Sewell might actually be attempting heroism as the director, but instead delivers a desperately sleazy and cold performance. Sewell possesses anti-charisma in abundance, a handicap in a leading man. He looks like Lovejoy’s little brother to boot.

The sports junkies are an attractive bunch, whose purpose is to look pretty and to ski downhill very fast. Which they do a few times, for luck. Meanwhile the bad guys are so hammy they make Dr Evil look like Iago.

The stunts work pretty well; trainsurfing, kayaking off waterfalls, jumping out of helicopters, and there’s a crafty James Bond reference towards the end.

But the worst thing about 'Extreme Ops' is that it's staged with little too much competence to fit into the "so bad that its good" category. Instead it’s just bad. Extremely.

Luke McManus