Directed by Brian Devant, starring Cuba Gooding Jr, James Coburn, Sisqo and Nichelle Nichols.

When summer (if you can call it that) rolls around each year, the cinemas are usually awash with plenty of suitable fodder to keep your little darlings from droning "I'm bored" at every opportunity. Sadly this out-of-season mulch will have them whimpering those very words before their popcorn has run out.

The entirely unbelievable-but-nowhere-near-fairytale premise sees Cuba Gooding Jr as Ted Brooks, a Florida dentist who receives an inheritance after the death of his biological mother. To claim the mystery bequest, he must travel to Alaska, where he inherits not just his momma's property - but her rowdy sled dogs.

At this stage you can probably see where this is going - the locals don't accept the 'outsider', (particularly the narky erudite James played by James Coburn), so he must prove himself worthy and there just happens to be a local husky sled race - the Arctic Challenge - to help him do just that.

It's hard to imagine why Oscar-winning actors like Gooding Jr and Coburn would succumb to starring in such a poor man's Disney movie. While it strives for comedy, no cool kid or self-respecting pre-teen will find this amusing, entertaining or something they'll remember past leaving the cinema.

No way near 'Lassie' and not quite 'Beethoven', this is another doggie movie we could have done without. With 'Men In Black 2' and 'Scooby Do' on the way, save your pocket money for something with a bit more bite.

Sineád Gleeson