Directed by James Wong starring Jet Li, Jason Statham, Carla Guigno and Delroy Lindo.

Since his move to Hollywood, martial arts superstar Jet Li has failed to find a movie with the depth, charm and excitement of the classics he made back in Hong Kong. And while 'The One' is brought to you by the team behind 'Final Destination' and many 'X-Files' episodes, it only serves to continue what's turning out to be a very long wait.

Li plays two characters, inter-galactic bad ass Yulaw and LA policeman Gabe. Killing machine Yulaw has been criss-crossing the parallel universes of the Multiverse, murdering his alter egos living on each earth and harnessing their strength and attributes. The last target is Gabe, and when he's dead, Yulaw will become the all-powerful 'One', a prospect that could destroy the entire Multiverse.

Li has all the right moves but 'The One' is such a charisma-free outing that it's hard to watch without hankering for his gems like 'Once Upon a Time in China' and 'Fist of Legend'. While the plot owes much to the trail blazed by 'The Terminator' movies (in particular Lindo and Statham's as the inter-galactic cops sent to catch Yulaw), it's neither as intelligent or funny as James Cameron's films and ultimately comes across as a martial arts kick 'em up with a sci-fi element tacked on.

The efficient action scenes are fuelled by the stop-motion of 'The Matrix', but some of the effects just aren't up to it and the whole thing has that dreaded TV movie feel. Li, as ever, can be relied upon to make you blink a hundred times more than usual with his kinetic gifts, but he's let down by a script which hasn't enough good dialogue here for one Yulaw, never mind two.

The only consolation to come from this mess is the hope that Li will now hopefully kick up as much fuss about his Hollywood projects as he does onscreen. If not, he could find himself stuck in the straight-to-video time warp.

Harry Guerin