Directed by Tamra Davis, starring Britney Spears, Zoe Saldana, Taryn Manning, Anson Mount and Dan Aykroyd.

Well it had to happen. The Queen of Pop was bound to make a bid to be Queen of the Screen too. While Britney Spears barely avoids plumbing the nadir of Maria Carey in 'Glitter', this tepid teen flick is riddled with dull clichés from start to finish.

Take three stereotypes of young womanhood - prom queen, smart A-student and pregnant outsider - and give Britney the part as the smart one. Reunite them on the night of their graduation, when bizarrely they decide to set out on a road trip to LA, stopping only to pick up a handsome musician en route to an audition.

'Crossroads' attempts to present itself as a chick-flick buddy movie but there's no escaping the fact that it's a thinly veiled vehicle for the teen songstress. Its alleged lessons about life and empowerment will be wasted on the target demographic and laughed at by the rest of us. Wily executives and the writers carefully calculated that most of the paying audience would not mind the dearth of plot, character development and general entertainment.

Britney does everything she usually does in her music videos – she sings and she dances - but here you have to pay to watch it and sadly the experience is not over in three or four minutes.

Strictly for the fans, Britney's feature film debut is more of a dead end than a crossroads. All that remains to be said is that I'd rather watch Benny from the original shaky 70's soap 'Crossroads' than this.

Sinéad Gleeson