Directed by Kevin Smith, starring Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Shannon Elizabeth.

Do you like fart gags? The answer to that will give you some hint of whether or not 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' is for you. The final installment of Kevin Smith's New Jersey series sees his two most loved malcontents finally getting the silver screen all to themselves.

The plot is non-existent. Only the slightest nod is given to narrative, structure and character, but frankly - if you hadn't already realised - Kevin Smith's films are a celebration of nothing happening. Instead we are treated to 140 minutes of gags about film, sex and dope, liberally sprinkled with a dose of scatological humour.

If you liked all of Kevin Smith's previous efforts - yes even 'Dogma' - then you will love this one. If on the other hand you have expressed the belief that he was becoming boring, you will hate this film.

Jay and Bob make Bill and Ted look like intellectual giants. The director himself plays Silent Bob, who really does stay silent for most of the film; letting the star of the show, Jay, hog the limelight. Jason Mewes is fantastic as the most loveable rogue since American Pie's Stiffler. Kevin Smith gets all his old characters back, along with the actors who played them. So Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams and Chris Rock all appear. At times these cameos unbalance the film, and Smith's attempts at post-modern humour are clumsy. But where else can you see Mark 'Luke Skywalker' Hamill, playing a character called 'Cock-Knocker'?

This is Smith's last foray into New Jersey, and he finally makes good on the promise made at the end of 'Mallrats'. You should know by now whether you want to see this film, it is a festival of bad taste, with Jay as the MC. I loved it but if you go and think, 'that's a bit childish', don't blame me.

John Raftery