Rosanna Davison has told RTÉ Entertainment that she wishes she'd had more self-confidence from the start of Dancing with the Stars.

The model and author has built a formidable partnership with her professional dance partner Stephen Vincent on the show in recent weeks, despite describing herself as someone who had "zero confidence in my ability to dance" when the adventure began.

"Most things, I'm really happy with how they have gone so far," she told RTÉ Entertainment during a break in rehearsals. "Maybe I wish I'd had more self-confidence from the beginning. Particularly with the first show - I felt sick before we went out on the dancefloor. I was sick with the nerves."

However, things are falling into place.

"A few weeks in, I still get butterflies in my stomach when it's our time to go out and dance, but I've started to embrace the experience more and see it as fun rather than terrifying," the Miss World winner enthused. "But it's very hard to tell yourself that from the beginning. The only way you can experience dancing on live TV is to dance on live TV and get used to it!"

Rosanna Davison and Stephen Vincent - "I feel like he's getting the best out of me. I'm working hard, we're having fun"

"This show is so interesting because so much sort of personal growth happens, I think, for everybody," she continued. "We talk about 'the journey' a lot and maybe it sounds like a cliché, but it really is a sort of journey of learning about how far you can push yourself and how much you can grow from pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone like this.

"And I know we're not saving lives; we're not doing brain surgery: it's just dancing on TV. But, at the same time, there's a huge hurdle to get over in terms of the anxiety of it all as well. I'm proud of myself for sort of overcoming those fears every weekend."

On Sunday, Davison and Vincent will be dancing the Charleston to Caro Emerald's Dr Wanna Do - and the routine is "getting there" under Vincent's always-patient tutelage.

The lifts have been the easy part!

"It's funny, I said to him at the start that I used to do athletics quite competitively, so I'm really comfortable with lifts - all the tricks and lifts and things that you can do, they don't bother me. So, from the beginning, they've been the easiest part of rehearsals - the bits that get me more sort of tied up are the simple left and right steps! He's been really patient with me there!"

"He's a really nice person, a really great dance teacher," Davison concluded. "I feel like he's getting the best out of me. I'm working hard, we're having fun. We have a good laugh in rehearsals. He's just been really kind and supportive the whole way through. He's never made me feel like I'm in any way insufficient or doing something wrong. He teaches in a very good way."

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