After being eliminated during Sunday night's quarter-final, Panti Bliss has backed Brooke Scullion to win Dancing with the Stars.

Speaking on RTE Radio 1’s The Ryan Tubridy Show Panti Bliss explained how she felt after being eliminated from the contest.

"As soon as they said we were dancing against Brooke we knew we were out. I enjoyed the last [dance].

"I would have kicked us out over Brooke and Robert, so yeah.

"I am very proud of what we did, and all that and of course, I would have loved to make it to the end given we had gotten this far."

Brooke and Panti faced the dance-off during the quarter-final

When asked why she picked 2023 as the year to take part in the contest, Panti replied: "One of the biggest reasons, was the other years they asked, my diary filled up quite far in advance and just coming out of lockdown my diary was pretty empty and I could say right now, I can block them time off.

"I also wanted to get back to my pre-pandemic body, everyone said if I did it, that would happen!"

Panti also explained that "Brooke is... like a niece to me, that sounds patronising... she’s sort of our rehearsal buddy, she lives near me when she is staying in Dublin so we were always in the car together and she is a great dancer."

When asked who she was rating or putting her fiver on Panti answered affirmatively: "Brooke for the win!"

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