It was a very happy 12th birthday for "super soccer fan" Emmie O'Neill when the Republic of Ireland women's football team presented her with a very special gift on The Late Late Toy Show.

It was hugs and tears all around when captain Katie McCabe and her teammates joined Ryan Tubridy and Emmie on The Late Late Toy Show on Friday.

While comforting an emotional Emmie, Ryan thanked Katie for all that she and her teammates have done for young people around the country.

He said: "See what you guys have done here, you have brought so much happiness, not only to Ireland because they qualified for the World Cup, but also to people like Emmie who are looking up to you and saying thanks for everything that you have done.

"We really appreciate it and it's lovely."

And if emotions weren't running high already, what happened next certainly took them to the next level.

"You are going to follow the yellow brick road all the way to Australia," Ryan told a shocked Emmie. "You're going to be going to Ireland's opening game at the World Cup with your Mam, with your Dad and with all the gang."

The icing on the cake? Katie then invited Emmie to an Ireland training session at the World Cup!

The Late Late Toy Show - where dreams really do come true.

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