John Legend has said "a lot of people are concerned" about Kanye West and admits he fears the rapper may have changed as he struggled to cope following the death of his mother Donda West in 2007.

The All of Me singer teamed up with 45-year-old West on tracks for the albums The College Dropout and Get Lifted but admits the pair have lost touch in recent years.

Speaking on New York Magazine's On with Kara Swisher podcast, 43-year-old Legend explained: "I do find him different than he was back then. I didn't see hints of this kind of harmful behaviour back then but, you know, I think life happens to people, and I think the death of his mother probably had something to do with this."

He added: "I don't want to play armchair psychologist, but he's definitely changed, and a lot of us who have known him over the years are really concerned about it."

John Legend says Kanye has "definitely changed"

When asked whether he has been in contact with Kanye recently, Legend said they haven't chatted in some time.

"Well, I know people in his life that are, but we have lost touch. We have not been friends for a while now, and so I'm not personally doing anything, but I do know people who are, and a lot of people are concerned about him," he said.

West recently lost a string of endorsement and sponsorship deals after he made antisemitic comments on social media.