Graham Norton admitted to Ryan Tubridy on Friday's Late Late Show that tying the knot wasn’t part of his plans. "I never thought I’d get married," he revealed.

"It does feel weird," he added. "When I say 'My husband’ I go, ‘Really?’ I never thought I’d get married, but here we are!

"I think it’s got something to do with getting older," he told Ryan. "I think like the vows are easier. For instance: at my age, ‘Till death do us part’ is much more achievable. When you’re 20, that’s a big ask."

Ryan and Graham

Ryan then pointed out that the last time Graham had been on The Late Late Show he’d said that marriage wasn’t for him, so the curious Tubs asked the obvious question: "What changed?"

"I guess I’d - maybe I had met Jonathan then - met him," he said, not sure if it was the before-and-after moment it might have been. "I think, as you get older too, having had a string - don’t Google it - of failed relationships, I think you appreciate when something’s right.

"You treasure it. You don’t take it for granted, and so ‘put a ring on it’.

"And it was kind of a secret," he added. "We had this party in West Cork - it was kind of a secret. Even the people coming to the party didn’t know. Though they should have known.

"I mean you’d have to be thick not to known it was a wedding," he added, laughing. "Anyway, word got out around Bantry and there, that there was going to be a wedding. And the rumours . . .

"Elton John was spotted was sighted in the Tin Pub. I’d hate to be the person who was mistaken for Elton John," he laughed. "There was a rumour Lady Gaga was coming to town.

Graham Norton chatting to Ryan Tubridy

"My favourite was Super Valu in Bantry, someone spotted Adele without makeup. Which is essentially every single woman in Super Valu in Bantry!

"There were a few snappers," he added. "They were very disappointed."

As well as talking about the Eurovision and the death of Queen Elizabeth, Graham also spoke to Ryan about writing another book. "If it was the only thing I did, I’d go Billy Bonkers," he admitted.

And despite leaving his native Bandon and escaping to London and stardom, Graham also told Ryan about his love of living back again in West Cork.

"I relax there in a way I can’t anywhere else," he said.

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