The childhood home of Beatles frontman John Lennon has sold at auction for £279,000.

The three-bedroom semi-detached house, located at 1 Blomfield Road, in Allerton, Liverpool, reportedly played a significant role in the musical development of both Lennon and Paul McCartney.

It was remembered fondly by several of Lennon's family members for its small size, despite which members of the duo's first band, The Quarrymen, would cram into rooms to practice.

Lennon's mother, Julia Lennon, was notoriously less strict than his Aunt Mimi, with whom John stayed more permanently, so the house became a refuge for them to rehearse music without fear of complaints

The property was offered by music and entertainment specialists Omega Auctions, who previously sold a house that George Harrison lived in for £171,000 in a sale in November 2021.

The auction house said that the winning bidder was UK-based and had purchased the property for their daughter, a huge Beatles fan.

Auctioneer Paul Fairweather said: "This is a significant property in the history of The Beatles, famously a sanctuary for John and Paul in their Quarrymen days to come and rehearse without fear of noise complaints and to listen to the Rock `n' Roll records that inspired them.

"We're very pleased with the final selling price and are excited to see what plans the new owner has for the house."

Mr Fairweather previously described the house as having "huge historical importance" and that there had been worldwide interest in both properties.

Source: Press Association