Garth Brooks may have said goodbye to Ireland - but he's departed the Emerald Isle with a promise of a prompt return.

After a run of spectacular shows when he played to almost half a million punters at Dublin's Croke Park, he made a pledge, telling his fans: "I'll be back."

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"I don't know in what form but I will be back," he told the Sunday Independent. "I don't know when or the venue but I love Ireland so much I would play in a field. I like the way Ed Sheeran played Croke Park and then played a tour around Ireland ," he added.

Garth fans outside Croker

"Once you've tasted it, like I have with these five shows, you want to come back here quick enough. What you guys give an artist like me in Ireland you can't get it anywhere else on the planet.

"Wherever I go from now on, I will be talking about one thing: Ireland, Ireland, Ireland. As someone who does this for a living , any chance to play here I would love."

Alongside his wife and fellow countrry star Trisha Yearwood, Garth continued: "For me and Miss Yearwood this last two weekends have been amazing. Me and Miss Yearwood have also had a great time travelling around Ireland. Dingle was great."

"Limerick was wonderful too," added Yearwood. "We had our favourite meal in the Wicklow Heather in Glendalough and we loved the views in Luggala," she said.

Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks

"Such a beautiful part of Ireland. We went to about eleven counties. Garth drove some of the way." she laughed.

"Yes, I drove!" Garth giggled.

As for travelling home, Garth and his wife are flying back to America this morning on his private jet. But he re-emphasised his determination to return to Ireland.

"In some form, me and Mrs Yearwood love Ireland so much that we will be back," he insisted. "It was such an emotional time. I couldn't stop myself crying at times during the shows. All I can say is I love this country."